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ABC’s Swabhimaan Program is a unique initiative by ABC to promote ‘Aatmanirbharta’ amongst Tech fresh graduates of 2020 & 2021 batches with consistent academic track record by facilitating staggered course fee payment. Under this program, every trainee pays Rs. 30,000/- with 2 cheques of Rs.10,000 each to kick start the Tech Skilling journey with ABC to get to the first dream job, hence foster self-reliance. Our Comprehensive, Intensive & Immersive JFSD program would transform every trainee from being a fresher to becoming an IT-professional. Please watch the Founder’s video about the Swabhimaan 2.0 Program on Home page. 

Swabhimaan Yuva is a self-reliant youth who shall not overly burden their parents/guardians for a complete upfront course fee payment in the backdrop of Covid–hit reduced family incomes. It is an all-inclusive program inclined towards fulfilment of aspirations amongst even the marginalized communities from urban, semi-urban & rural regions. At the core of this initiative is an effort to kindle hope in even the most economically under privileged Youth and promote ‘Aatmanirbharta’ leading to changing their lives & lifestyles forever. Please watch the Founders video about the JFSD Swabhimaan Program on home page.

All Engineering & other Tech-Graduates of 2020 & 2021 batches with a consistent academic track record (60% and above in 10th, 12th & Graduation) irrespective of their branch of Engineering cutting across socio, economic & geographic barriers are eligible to enroll under this program. Please watch the Founders video about the Swabhimaan Program on home page.

The selection criteria into ABC’s Swabhimaan JFSD program are pretty simple. The admission parameters are-

  • You should be a 2020/2021 batch fresher.
  • 60% and above in 10th, 12th & Graduation.
  • Good scores in assessments of Phase-1

Please refer JFSD trainee journey page for more information.

The JFSD course is ideated, designed & developed by our Principal Course Architect & Founder Mr. Manjunath Aradhya to facilitate learning even amongst such learners who do not have any prior knowledge of programming or programming languages. In fact, many of our trainees are form non-Computer Science backgrounds who were not good at programming initially but eventually were transformed into successful IT professionals. You can experience it all yourself by logging into ABC’s learning portal through our website and access 25 hrs of free Edutainment content (Phase-1 of ABC’s Skill journey) along with our Digital book summary & Assessments. At the end of Phase-1 you can fill up the Swabhimaan Enrolment form to proceed with enrolment to the program if you are comfortable in understanding and assimilating the content.

At the end of Phase-1 of the JFSD journey, a ‘Swabhimaan Enrolment form’ is provided which you need to fill up. Post this our backend team would process your details and get in touch with you based on your academic scores & Phase-1 assessment scores. However, since there are limited seats under the Swabhimaan program, we insist you to watch all the Tech based Edutainment videos & digital books on our learning portal provided for free under Phase-1 and score well in the corresponding assessments post which you can fill up the Swabhimaan enrolment form at the earliest to secure your enrolment.

Though the 900+ hrs. of live Online 100% Instructor Led Training (ILT) sessions under Phase-3 would commence soon after your final semester exams, yet you are expected to complete the 25hrs of free Edutainment based Tech-Content & assessments provided on our learning portal Pre-Enrolment under Phase-1. You are also expected to complete the 75hrs of Foundational-Preparatory content Post-Enrolment under Phase-2. Since it is approx. 100 hrs of Edutainment based Tech content that you need to comprehend & assimilate even before the actual commencement of 900+ hrs. of live ILT sessions under Phase-3, we recommend you begin your JFSD Skill journey at the earliest. Please refer the JFSD trainee journey page for more information.

Since there are limited seats under this program and are offered to all fresh Tech graduates of 2020 & 2021 batches with consistent academic track record and satisfying our eligibility criteria on a first-come-first-serve basis, the last date cannot be exactly anticipated to be explicitly specified. We insist you to begin your JFSD journey at the earliest to secure your admission and hence secure your smooth entry into the IT industry.

After accessing the 25 hrs. of Phase-1 free Edutainment based Tech content available on our learning portal and having been self-convinced about the program impact, you can complete your enrolment into the JFSD Swabhimaan program. Post your enrolment, you can volunteer to be an ‘ABC Student Ambassador’ by referring your peers & companions to the program. Every such referral would fetch you an incentive of Rs 1000/- per enrolled referral. This provides you an opportunity to not only shape the careers of your companions but would also enable you to Earn while you are still learning at ABC. The incentive earned under this initiative can be used to fund your staggered course fee payment of the initial months. This is an additional effort of ABC to promote ‘Aathmanirbharta’ amongst ABC’ians.

ABC–Trainee Agreement is a formal agreement between ABC & our Trainee that shall be signed by both the parties during enrolment into the ‘Swabhimaan JFSD Program’. This formal document would contain User rights, User Information, Discipline Policy, Intellectual Property rights & Obligations, Disclaimers of Warranties, Non-Permission to copy etc., along with Refund Policy. The central theme of this elaborate document on the one end is to ensure that no illegal activities with respect to the breach of ABC’s intellectual property happens while on the other end this document ensures that every ABC Trainee would secure 100% Job or complete refund, subject to the terms & conditions mentioned in the agreement. Overall, the ABC-Trainee Agreement ensures that towards the end of your Skill journey you would move out of ABC with either a job offer in hand or your course fee back in your pocket.

The ABC JFSD course is ideated, designed & developed as a 7 Phased Course with Online placements commencing from the 17th week. An ABC trainee would systematically proceed through the phases during his Skill journey until being recruited by our Corporate Clients. It is not mandatory for a trainee to attend all the Phases. The 7 Phases of ABC trainee Skill journey are-
  • Phase-1 is the Swabhimaan Assessment Phase (pre-enrolment)
  • Phase-2 is the Foundational Phase (post-enrolment)
  • Phase-3 is the ILT Phase from week 1 to 16.
  • Phase-4 is the ILT & Placements Phase from week 17 to 28.
  • Phase-5 is the Projects Until Placement-I Phase from week 29 to 32.
  • Phase-6 is the OJT Until Placement Phase from week 33 to 40.
  • Phase-7 is the Projects Until Placement-II Phase from week 40 onwards.
In such cases where a trainee gets recruited post Phase-3 by our corporate clients, the daily live Skilling Content would be recorded and be made available (on demand) for such trainees up to 1 year on our learning portal to enable continued learning while working for our Corporate Clients. In such un-foreseen exceptional cases where a trainee remains unplaced post Phase-7, then a complete refund of the Staggered course fee can be claimed by the Trainee as per the formal ABC-Trainee Agreement Form. Please refer the Trainee journey phase page for complete details including Phase-wise comprehensive Timetable.

The course curriculum is an exhaustive 1000+ hrs of Tech & Non-Tech Skilling including Case Studies & end-to-end FullStack Projects implemented using in-demand Tools & Technologies in-line with IT-industry best practices. Beyond the 25hrs of free Phase-1 Swabhimaan Assessment content and 75hrs of Phase-2 Foundational Content, the Phase–3 live Online ILT sessions is for a duration of 900+ hrs comprising of 80hrs of additional Core Java, 80hrs of Advanced Java, 80hrs of Frameworks, 150hrs of FrontEnd technologies, 50hrs of MySQL Database, 70hrs of Data Structures & Algorithms, 60hrs each of DevOps and Project–I, Project–II & Project–III. Additionally, 70hrs of Mathematical Aptitude & Reasoning, 40hrs of Verbal, 64hrs of Interview Prep are also a part of our comprehensive skilling curriculum. Refer detailed Phase-wise timetable provided on the trainee journey page.

Considering the current second wave of Covid-19 pandemic all across the nation and medical experts anticipating a third wave in the coming months which is expected to affect a much younger population, the Phases 1 to 5 are in the Online mode. As per our previous online batch statistics these Phases would suffice every ABC’ian to crack Online interviews (commencing from the 17th week) of our Corporate clients with ease. However, if due to unforeseen exceptional cases a trainee is unable to crack any of the Online placement interviews, then such trainees move into the Phase-6(OJT Phase). Such unplaced trainees shall travel to our world–class physical skilling ecosystem at Bengaluru Head Office and get additionally skilled on live projects of our Corporate clients under expert guided supervision in the Offline mode. So, the skilling mode is initially Online, later Offline (during OJT if required). Refer detailed Phase-wise timetable provided on the trainee journey page.

In the Phases 1 & 2 of your JFSD journey, Edutainment based recorded Tech Skilling videos are provided on our learning portal to enable the trainee to prepare himself/herself for the comprehensive-intensive-immersive Phase 3. However, Phases 3 to 5 is 100% live Instructor-Led Training (ILT) in the online mode. In exceptional cases (if the trainee is not recruited during Phase 3 to 5) the trainee is expected to travel to our Bengaluru Head Office for On-Job-Training (OJT) during Phase 6. In this Phase, skilling is continued Offline on live projects of our Corporate Clients under expert supervision. Therefore, the skilling begins through recorded Edutainment content followed by Online Live ILT further followed by Offline OJT (if required). Refer detailed timetable provided on the trainee journey page.

A typical trainee journey from Phase 3 onwards would have 7 hours/day schedule wit break intervals in between. Your daily schedule would involve 6 hours/day of Mandatory Skilling through live Online ILT sessions and 1 hour/day of Cognitive Assessment from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays as well the trainee would be engaged for 7 hours/day on FullStack Projects, Summative Assessments, Interview Prep & attending Ask Aradhya Show. Overall, you need to dedicate 7 hours/day from the Phase-3 of your JFSD journey to Skill yourself for the Post-Covid-19 IT world as a WFO/WFH compatible resource. Sunday would be a Holiday. Refer detailed timetable provided on the trainee journey page.

The course is ideated, designed & developed by our Principal Course Architect & Founder Mr. Manjunath Aradhya that follows a tailor–made approach where-in 6 of our Master Trainers including himself would train live-online all the Swabhimaan JFSD trainees for a duration of 6 hrs/day. However, there are multiple associate trainers & assistant trainers who are designated as your mentors and would be mandatorily available in dedicated slots as well as available on demand round the clock over a Phone Call, Virtual Call & Email. The mentor trainee ratio for our JFSD Swabhimaan program is 1:25.

Edutainment is a fusion of Education & Entertainment. ABC is a Pioneer in creating & delivering Edutainment based Tech Skilling for freshers. All our sessions are highly informative, immersive, fun–filled, activity–based learning and is very different from the traditional online skilling which is predominantly perceived by the fresher learning community as boring & ineffective. Our ‘Gamified Digital Book’ containing Tech games, Quizzes etc., enhances the Edutainment experience and value adds significantly during your Skill journey. You can watch the Tech preview videos on our Home page to get a glimpse of Edutainment based Tech-Skilling at ABC. You can also login to ABC’s learning portal to access the pre-enrollment Phase-1 free content to experience ABC’s Edutainment based Tech Skilling first–hand. This shall also enable you to decide if you should enroll for our program.

Revisions play a major role during your Skill journey to always keep you on your toes. The Phase-1 & 2 content are already available on ABC’s Learning portal which you can access anytime all through your skill journey. All of our Phase-3 live-online mandatory Instructor-Led Training (ILT) videos are also simultaneously recorded and made available to you at the end of every day (on demand) to facilitate revision. Also, our Digital Books containing Summary, Interesting-Facts, Did-You-Know-Facts, FAQ’s etc., facilitate quick revision effectively. Moreover, our expert mentors (Mentor–Trainee ratio is 1:25) are always available in dedicated slots as well as round the clock to assist you in your Skill journey. Our daily & weekly assessments also would ensure that you are always updated and prepared. Overall, your entire Skill journey is not a rote based learning approach, but is a high-end Motion-Graphic based, Imagery based, Activity based, Hands-on fun filled journey that inherently demands minimal revision with maximum impact.

One of the startling features of ABC’s Tech skilling is that it is extremely comprehensive leaving no scope for numerous doubts to arise. You can experience it yourself by accessing the Phase 1 free content on our learning portal. However, doubts cannot be completely ruled out and in such a scenario, our expert mentors (Mentor–Trainee ratio is 1:25) are always available in dedicated slots as well as round the clock to assist you in your Skill journey. Our Mentors would always walk that extra mile to ensure that each of your queries (Tech or otherwise) are appropriately addressed. Be rest assured that none of your doubts would go unanswered during your Skill journey.

Yes. Assessments are an essential element of every trainee Skill journey and it is compulsory to take up both Daily–Cognitive Assessments & Weekly–Summative Assessments. These assessments, not only enable you to assess your learning curve, but would also create your learnability, punctuality & productivity digital footprints that are comprehensively captured by ABC’s learning portal. These statistics (ILT Attendance, Assessment Attendance, Daily Cognitive Assessment Scores, Weekly-Summative Assessment Scores, Project Progress etc.,) shall be embedded by you in your portfolio website project. This portfolio website shall be shared with our corporate clients during the Online recruitment process commencing from the 17th week. Hence it is compulsory to take up all assessments.

ABC’s learning portal would capture your entire digital footprint comprehensively. Not only can you access your assessment scores, you can also access your class attendance, Assessment Attendance, Project progress, Assignment submission status etc., on the fly on our learning portal. The daily & weekly report generation is automated systematically that would provide you & your mentors vital inputs to craft your skill journey appropriately.

Phase 3 & 4 of the JFSD trainee journey involves three end-to-end FullStack projects. If you are not recruited by the end of Phase 4, then you would enter Phase 5 which involves four more FullStack projects. If you are not recruited by the end of Phase 5 as well, then you would enter Phase 6 which involves On-Job-Training (OJT) under expert guidance on live FullStack projects. Overall, the JFSD course is designed with ‘Projects Until Placements’ as the central theme.

Projects at ABC are conducted in-line with Industry best practices of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). You would begin to transit from Problem-Space to Solution–Space by transiting through Project Planning, Requirement Analysis, Design & Modelling, Coding, Integration & Deployment. Our Projects would give you the right hands-on exposure to implement Efficient-Robust-Optimized-Clean Code to make you industry ready. You would enhance your Analytical & Problem-solving skills by Decoding-Designing-Building Customer centric end-to-end FullStack Software solutions to Real-time scenario’s. In all of our projects Modelling & DevOps are intricately assimilated.

‘ABC’s Gamified Digital Books’ enhances your Edutainment based Tech Skilling Experience. You would transit into a whole new world of learning through our tailormade Digital Books containing Simulations, Games, Activities etc., Our Digital books foster a holistic learning experience through sections such as ‘Did You Know’, ‘Facts to remember’, ‘Flip Cards’, ‘Interesting Facts’, FAQ’s, MCQ’s, Tips & Tricks etc., The gamified Tests & Quizzes at regular intervals will help in gauging your preparedness and in sharpening your skills continuously. These digital books are pivotal in enabling you to crack Online interviews with confidence.

All of our Digital Books are embedded in ABC’s learning portal. You can access it by logging into our learning portal through the website.

Aradhya Series Workbooks on Mathematical Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Verbal and Interview–prep are Non-Tech workbooks customized for freshers to enable Online interview preparation. These books are your one stop solution to acquire critical Non-tech skills to crack the aptitude rounds & HR interview rounds with ease. Our customized workbooks perfectly augment the live Instructor-Led online Non-Tech sessions and would together enhance your ability to crack Online-placement interviews with confidence.

All of the 4 Aradhya Series Workbooks i.e., Aradhya’s Math, Aradhya’s Reasoning, Aradhya’s Verbal & Aradhya’s Interview Prep would be couriered to your specified postal–residential address upon enrolment. You shall need these books while attending the live Instructor-Led Non-Tech Online sessions during Phase-3.

The necessity to move into ABC’s World Class Physical Eco–system at Bengaluru Head office shall not arise if you are recruited during Phase 3, 4 or 5 of your Skill journey. However, due to unforeseen exceptional scenarios you remain unplaced until the end of Phase-5, then you should move into our Physical Skilling ecosystem to undergo your Phase–6 (OJT Phase). In this phase, you would indulge yourself in Offline expert guided On-Job-Training (OJT) on live projects of our corporate clients and eventually get recruited into their organization.

Yes. However, you need to send us an email explicitly stating the reasons to not opt for placements. Such requests shall be subjectively considered on a case-by-case basis with the sole discretion of enrolment lying with ABC.

AAS is a 60 min weekly Tech-show featuring our Founder up-close & personal. This is a fun-filled & informative show broadcasted live exclusively for ABC’ians from our Bengaluru studios. The central theme of this show is to keep you updated on the Technology current affairs and the future of IT in the 21st Century. This show shall work wonders in transforming you into a Post-Covid-19 Plug-n-Play IT resource.

Post- Covid, all of our Corporate Clients have shifted their mode of recruitment from Offline to Online mode. After the first outbreak of the Pandemic, all placement drives at ABC have been conducted in the Online mode. The same Online mode of recruitment would be continued for the Swabhimaan JFSD Trainees as well. In fact, your Skill journey would mould you to confidently crack Online interviews and project yourself to our Corporate clients as both WFH & WFO compatible skilled resource.

The JFSD journey is crafted to commence Online Placement drives from week 17 onwards (Phase-4 onwards). Refer to the Trainee Journey Page for more information.

The JFSD journey is ideated & implemented such that an ABC’ian need not wait until the JFSD course completion to participate in our placement activities. This is precisely the reason for the Online placement drives with our Corporate clients to commence from the Phase-4 (17th week onwards). However, during the Phase-4 since you would still be pursuing the mandatory daily ILT sessions, our placement drives are scheduled seamlessly without impacting your regular skilling. Since all placement drives are in the Online mode, the drives would be scheduled during the daily break intervals. These Online drives are scheduled by our placements team in coordination with our Corporate Clients such that your daily mandatory ILT sessions would not get disrupted.

The success of placements at ABC is a natural offshoot of the Skill journey that every ABC’ian treads. Our Corporate clients assess the learnability, punctuality & productivity of every ABC trainee by predominantly referring to their Digital footprints w.r.t ILT Attendance, Assessment Attendance, Assessment Scores, Assignment submission status, projects implemented etc., all of which shall be shared with them during the Online interview process. Since these digital footprints would not exist for a non-ABC’ian, we regret to say that we cannot provide only placement services.

ABC over its years of existence has established a healthy & robust network with 450+ Corporate clients. Our Corporate Clientele spreads across both Service & Product Based Companies that include top MNC’s, mid-Sized firms and IT Start-up ventures. Our esteemed Clients recruit multiple times round the year to fulfil their project specific skilled fresher requirements. We cater only to pure technical Job role requirements and do not cater to Tech-Support/KPO/BPO types of Job roles. The detailed list of ABC’s esteemed clients that have recruited ABC’ians in 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2021 has been provided in the Placements page.

Job openings have always been in sufficient numbers for highly Skilled Freshers, be it Pre-Covid or Post-Covid IT job market. The main reason for massive un-employment amongst the Tech fresh graduates has always been the ‘Skill gap’. Approximately only 7% of fresh Tech graduates are employable as per many reports. Refer these News articles for more information.

India Today

Only 7 per cent engineering graduates employable: What's wrong with India's engineers? - Education Today News (

The Hindu

Making a killing from skilling raw grads - The Hindu

Times of India

Over 80 pc Indian engineers unemployable, lack new-age technological skills: Report - Times of India (

Post- Covid, the demand for highly skilled freshers has further enhanced. In fact, the Post-Covid IT industry is now in the lookout for not only highly skilled freshers but also for WFH (Work from Home) compatible Plug-n-Play resources. Refer these News articles for more information.

Times of India

 Freshers hiring: Big 4 IT companies may hire 91,000 freshers for 2021-22 | India Business News - Times of India (

Financial Express

Cognizant steps up its hiring process; expects to bring in more new hires in Q1 2021 than ever before - The Financial Express

Money Control

Overall a highly skilled WFH compatible fresher can effortlessly shape a robust career in the IT industry. Our JFSD Swabhimaan program is your One-Stop-Solution to open the doorway for your first dream job.

Since all ABC’ians undergo the same Skill journey at ABC irrespective of their branch of Engineering, most of our corporate clients would rely on your JFSD Digital footprints than the branch of Engineering to extend placement opportunities. Moreover, the Post-Covid IT industry requires Engineers form various branches of Engineering particularly for future IOT projects. These are Engineers with a blend of Core domain knowledge & IT Skills that perfectly suits Industry 4.0 job roles. Since Swabhimaan JFSD program is a 100% placement guarantee program, be rest assured that you would get numerous placement opportunities. Refer placements page for more information.

The Placement process at ABC is elaborately thought-out & designed to ensure 100% placements for all its trainees. The Online Placement drives would commence from the 17th week during break intervals without adversely impacting your daily mandatory ILT sessions. All Fresher requirements of our Corporate Clients will be put up on ABC’s Placement Calendar at least a week in advance. You would also be provided a detailed Job description video & alumni insights for focused preparation. All trainees are provided with the option to register/not-register for any given Online Placement drive. The placements team shall share the ILT Attendance, Cognitive Assessment scores, Summative Assessment scores, Assignment submission status along with Portfolio Website Project of registered ABC’ians with the respective Corporate Clients. While the Online Placement drive is in progress, Selection/Rejection Emails with feedback would be sent across to all the drive participants. Registered ABC’ians if recruited in the Placement drive would-
  • WFH/WFO for our Corporate Clients
  • Continued access shall be provided (on demand) to ABC’s Learning Portal for 1 year to ensure continued learning while working with our corporate clients.
Non-Registered ABC’ians & Registered ABC’ians if not recruited in the Placement drive would carry on with skilling & Online Placements. Such trainees who do not get placed until the end of 32nd week, would enter the Phase-6 (OJT Phase). In this Phase, the trainee travels to our Bengaluru Head Office for On Job training (OJT) with our Corporate Clients on Live projects as paid/unpaid interns under expert guidance and would eventually get recruited by our Corporate Clients. The entire placement process is scheduled to ensure 100% placements and in such exceptional cases where a student remains unplaced at the end of Phase-7, can claim complete refund as per the formal ABC-Trainee agreement. Refer Placements page for more information.

ABC’s placement calendar is one of the features available on our learning portal. This is a calendar containing the forthcoming scheduled placement drives along with Job description videos & Alumni insights about the corporate client. This advanced intimation about placement drives available on ABC’s Placement Calendar would provide sufficient time for every ABC trainee to decide upon the drives that he/she is interested in participating based on personal preferences. However, such trainees who register on the placement calendar confirming their participation in the placement activity must compulsorily undergo all rounds of the interview process. 

After having intimated well in advance about the placement drive along with detailed job description & after the trainee having given with option to either register/not-register for the drive and after the trainee having registered with conformity and eventually getting recruited as well, such an event of non-acceptance of offer is considered as a breach of placement policy and is ‘Red Flagged’. The trainee is provided an opportunity to provide valid reasons for the placement policy breach with necessary documentary evidence. The placements team would evaluate the submitted documents and based on the documents, if it arrives at a conclusion that there was no malafide intention behind the placement policy breach, then the red flagging is removed, and the trainee is permitted to continue attending Online placement drives.    

Most of the mass recruiting MNC’s on an average Post-Covid are offering fresh skilled graduates a salary of approx. 3.5 LPA. We have clients offering pay packages predominantly in the range of 2.4 LPA to 7 LPA for fresher job roles. Your pay package is purely dependent on your assimilation of critical skills during the JFSD journey and your Digital footprints all through the journey. Though few of our corporate clients offer pay packages beyond 7 LPA for freshers, your salary range in many ways is in your hands while ABC offers you with placement opportunities with varied pay packages and also provides you with an open option to either Register/ not-Register to any particular placement drive based on your personal preferences.  Please refer placement page for detailed client-wise salary range.  

There have been numerous ABC’ians at ABC who get placed while the course is still in progress. In fact this is quite common at ABC than an exception based on the data analytics of all our previous Online batches. In all such scenarios, to enable continued learning for recruited ABC’ians, the daily live mandatory ILT Skilling Content would be recorded and be made available (on demand) for such trainees. This content would be available on our learning portal for your perusal up to 1 year. This shall ensure that while you would be working with our corporate clients, you can also pursue your continued learning at leisure  

The Swabhimaan JFSD program is a 100% placement guarantee program and ABC would leave no stone unturned to ensure that each one of our trainees shape their career in the post-Covid IT world. The 7 Phased JFSD journey is crafted precisely for this purpose. You would participate in Online placement activities up to 2 years from the DOJ the course. However, we would wish to emphasize that almost 90% of our existing Online batch trainees with consistent academic track record have been successful in shaping their careers within first 10 months of DOJ the course.  

Yes. Many of our trainees attend both the placement drives with our Corporate clients as well as off-campus drives. In fact, many of our trainees have also expressed that due to the comprehensive-immersive & intensive skilling at ABC, they were able to easily crack the off-campus & other nationwide IT qualifying interviews (TCS-NQT, Infosys-InfyTQ, CTS-GenC Next, Wipro- NLTH etc.,) 

It is subjective to our Corporate client. However, all such information would be made available in advance on our placement calendar, and you would be provided an open option to either Register/not-Register to any particular placement drive based on your personal preferences. However, Post-Covid, most of our corporate clients are preferring & offering work from Home (WFH) options and hence relocation would not be a major limitation moving forward. 

It is subjective to our Corporate client. However, all such information would be made available in advance on our placement calendar, and you would be provided an open option to either Register/ not-Register to any particular placement drive based on your personal preferences.  

It is subjective to our Corporate client. However, all such information would be made available in advance on our placement calendar, and you would be provided an open option to either Register/ not-Register to any particular placement drive based on your personal preferences. 

ABC does not work with such companies that expect Freshers to provide an upfront security deposit to the company. None of our Corporate clients expect an upfront security deposit out of your pocket.  

In such an un-foreseen exceptional case where you remain unplaced post Phase-7, then a complete refund of the Staggered course fee can be claimed by the you, as per the formal ABC-Trainee Agreement. However, based on the data analytics of our existing online batches, more than 90% of ABC’ians with consistent academic track record get placed within first 10 months of skilling and hence, such exceptional cases cannot be treated as generalizations. 

Such an opportunity is extended to already recruited ABC’ians if & only if the difference in the current pay package of the recruited ABC’ian and the new pay package is 2 LPA or above.  

It is a unique initiative by ABC to enable the vibrant Tech fresher’s community to kick start their Skill journey which eventually would lead them to their first dream job in the Post-Covid IT world and all of this is being enabled by investing Rs. 30,000/- along with 2 cheques of 10K each. Though the JFSD course fee is Rs. 30,000/- yet empathizing particularly with the economically underprivileged in the backdrop of Post-Covid reduced family incomes. This distinctive initiative of ABC expects every Trainee to invest Rs.30,000/- along with 2 cheques of Rs.10,000 each. Based on our previous Online batches track record, 90% of ABC’ians with consistent academic track record get recruited by our Corporate clients within the first 10 months, particularly considering that Online recruitment drives at ABC would commence from the week 17 itself. 

This effectively means that our staggered course fee initiative provides with an opportunity to every ABC Swabhimaan trainee to undergo our Skill journey without the burden of paying complete upfront course fee. It is an all-inclusive program inclined towards fulfilment of aspirations even among marginalized communities from urban, semi-urban & rural regions. 

Phases You Pay
Phase - 1 Free Access
Phase - 2 to Phase - 7 Only Rs. 30,000
along with 2 Cheques on 10K each

At the core of this initiative is an effort to kindle hope in even the most economically under privileged youth and promote ‘Aatmanirbharta’ amongst them leading to changing their lives & lifestyles forever. 

No securities have to be provided for enrolling to ABC’s Swabhimaan JFSD program. However, soft copy of KYC documents of the trainee & the co-applicant along with income proof of the co-applicant must be provided. 

Recruitment is a central component of your Skill journey with ABC. Many of our trainees are immediately recruited by our corporate clients once our placement operations begin in the 17th week of your Skill journey. 90% of ABC'ians with a consistent academic track record are recruited within the first 10 months of skilling (based on our previous Online batches analytics).

The course fee payment at ABC intents to ease the burden on unemployed graduates, the fee structure enables you to have a hold on your finances during the course along with your studies. Pre-dominantly ABC’ians get placed during the course and to enable continued learning for recruited ABC’ians, the daily live mandatory ILT Skilling Content would be recorded and made available (on demand) for such trainees. For a period of 1 year, this content would be available on our learning site for your scrutiny. This will ensure that, while working with our corporate clients, you can also continue your skilling at your leisure.

Many of our trainees get recruited not only with our corporate clients but also in the off-campus placement drives. Since ABC does not prevent its trainees from attending off-campus drives, there is every possibility that based on the knowledge & skills acquired at ABC, you would be able to easily crack the off-campus interviews. To enable continued learning for even off-campus recruited ABC’ians, the daily live mandatory ILT Skilling Content would be recorded and be made available (on demand).  

 The purpose of providing the option of staggered course fee payment is to avoid the burden of paying upfront complete course fee and not to avoid paying the course fee. Hence, considering the fact that your recruitment (off-campus/with ABC’s Corporate clients) is a logical by-product of the critical skills & knowledge acquired at ABC, it only means that you will have to fulfil your moral & legal obligations of continuing to pay the staggered course fee even if placed through off-campus drives. 

No such option is available at ABC. However, through the unique course fee initiative of ABC, a trainee pays only an amount of Rs. 30,000/- at first along with 2 cheques of Rs. 10,000/- each. 90% of ABC’ians with consistent academic track record get placed during the course thus this initiative enables Swabhimaan trainees to pay a good portion of the course fee once recruited. However, the option of paying complete course fee after recruitment is not available at ABC. 

As per the formal ABC-Trainee agreement, you can claim complete refund if still not recruited at the end of Phase-7 based on the following terms & conditions mentioned in the agreement.

  • Attendance Criteria
    • 90% attendance in Mandatory live ILT sessions
    • 90% attendance in daily Cognitive assessments
    • 90% attendance in weekly Summative assessments
    • 90% attendance in registered Online placement drives
  • Learnability Criteria
    • 75% average score in daily Cognitive assessments
    • 75% average score in weekly Summative assessments

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