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ABC-Swabhimaani Student Journey personifies a transformational Skill-journey that enables a metamorphosis of every Fresher to a Post-Covid IT world professional. This Tech-Skill journey at ABC is all about assimilating & gaining expertise on critical skills, deepening conceptual knowledge, ideating, building and deploying solution prototypes.

Course Package

Post-enrolment, the skill journey proceeds with learning through more Edutainment based Tech videos as well as 100% live Online & offline Instructor-Led-Training (ILT). The skill journey is also crafted to include Offline On-Job-Training (OJT) at our world class Physical Skilling Ecosystem.

The Journey is crafted to lay a robust launchpad for a successful IT career with accelerated growth. Each phase of the journey is conceptualized and co-created by academic & industry experts to ensure our trainees acquire essential skills for success in fast-changing future EZZ workplaces. This skill journey would not just empower every ABC’ian to crack his/her first dream job but would also render you a learner for life.

Mentoring &


The Trainee Journey at ABC is rendered memorable & meaningful due to a Mentor-Trainee ratio of 1:25. Our Expert Mentors would engage with every Trainee (in dedicated slots) professionally and with a personal touch. These dedicated Mentors play a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth transition of every ABC’ian to an IT Professional. Our committed Mentors would also be available uninterrupted for interactions over phone call, virtual connect & email to address every single concern during your guided transformational skill journey.

Skilling & Assessments are two faces of the same coin. The pivotal purpose of our daily 60 mins Cognitive Assessments from Monday to Friday (refer detailed Timetable) is to enable every trainee to assess his/her learning curve. The MCQ’s in our daily Cognitive Assessments would be strictly from the knowledge & skills acquired all through the 6-hour/day mandatory sessions and your daily scores would be a reflection of your learning & productivity for the day.

These scores would not only provide data-driven analytical inputs to your expert mentors to mentor you accordingly but would also be a part of your digital footprint that shall eventually be shared with our Corporate Clients during the online recruitment process.

Skilling is incomplete without Assessments. The central theme of our 120 mins Saturday Summative Assessments (refer detailed Timetable) is to equip every ABC’ian to crack online interviews with ease. These Summative Assessments created by our Expert’s team based on years of experience engaging with our Corporate Clients & Alumni would align you for the Online-recruitment process.

Saturday Summative Assessments would comprise 90 mins of MCQ’s & 30 mins of Coding section. 75% of the questions in the weekly Summative Assessments shall be from the knowledge & skills acquired all through the week and 25% of the questions shall be from the knowledge & skills acquired in all of the previous weeks cumulatively. These scores would be a reflection of your learnability, productivity & punctuality. Additionally, these scores would also enable your expert mentors to engage with you accordingly as well as be a part of your digital footprint that shall eventually be shared with our Corporate Clients during the recruitment process.


Aradhya Show

A weekly Tech-show featuring our Founder & CEO Mr. Manjunath Aradhya broadcasted live exclusively for ABC’ians from our Bengaluru studios. This talk-show shall also host our Corporate guests from the IT-world. This live show shall feature global Tech-news providing insights into the future of IT-world & the in-demand future skills. This 60 mins candid interactive show on every Saturday would keep you updated on Industry 4.0 technology advancements and is a torch bearer for all your career endeavors.

This show is specially designed & produced to empower a smooth transition of every Tech-Fresher into a Tech-Professional. Some of the salient sections of the show include:

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